Sky Inc Nashville Reviews

Below, you will find some Sky Inc Nashville reviews from our employees. Throughout these videos, our staff highlights the reasons they enjoy working at the company and describe a little bit about the culture.

Sky Inc Nashville Employee Reviews #1

Cameron Gover – transcribed Sky Inc Nashville review:

I’m Cameron Gover. I’m the assistant manager here at Sky Inc. I have a degree in marketing and sales from Western Kentucky University. I graduated there in May of 2010. I started out in engineering for two years, but found out that wasn’t a good fit. Then I found marketing and it really made it where it wasn’t work. It wasn’t difficult anymore. All it was is conversations with different people and I knew I found the right goal. Straight out of school I went into corporate medical equipment sales for about a year and learned that it just wasn’t a good fit for me. So, I jumped on CareerBuilder and found this opportunity here where I can become an entrepreneur and I’ll be opening my own marketing firm here in about eight weeks. I really enjoy the atmosphere here at Sky Inc. The people are a lot of fun to work with. The attitudes are always great in the office. In addition to that, it’s just great being able to see colleagues that have become close friends hit their goals and make it to the next level. That’s really what we do here at Sky Inc.

Sky Inc Nashville Reviews #2

Jonathan Perry – transcribed Sky Inc Nashville review:

My name is Jonathan Perry. I’m the president here at Sky Inc. I opened up my office here in Nashville in 2007. This February of 2015 will be our 8 year anniversary. We just now have 8 other offices throughout the country and we’re on pace to open up two or three more offices here in the next three months. I went to school at Auburn University. I got my degree in Zoology with a minor in business. My initial focus was – I was wanting to go to dental school. My senior year I decided that I didn’t want to do dental school any longer. I didn’t want to be in school for another four to five years and half a million dollars in debt after that. I had always been an entrepreneur, even since I was 17. In high school I had several companies and throughout college I did as well. I knew the entrepreneur route is the way I wanted to go to get the freedom and time that entrepreneurs are able to afford. I started in an office similar to mine in Atlanta 2005. I was in the management training program for about a year and a half. Then, I got promoted into an assistant management position and really learned the back-end side of things of how a company like this is structured. I came to Nashville in 2007 to open up this office. I think the biggest challenges I’ve faced since the time I’ve been in the business is just understanding opportunities that I have to make improvements within the business, and waiting to see those results from the hard work of trying to make the changes. Any time someone has some big changes that they’ve been doing something for twenty-plus years, its definitely challenging. People expect those immediate results and they don’t always happen. So, just really being patient and waiting to see those results after the hard work.

Sky Inc Nashville Reviews #3

Farhia Muse – transcribed Sky Inc Nashville review:

My name’s Farhia Muse. I’ve been here at Sky Inc for about a year and a half. Currently I’m a Team Leader. I put my resume up on CareerBuilder. I was looking for an internship and it was supposed to only be for a summer, but I decided to stick around for the opportunity to advance quickly in a merit-based company. I began in the entry level position. The average is two to four weeks. I got promoted in nine days, however I was not the easiest person to train. I had too many questions. Then I got into Leaders with Leaders. Within six months I developed my first person on my team. I thought I made it at that point and got complacent for a little bit. Then, I decided obviously if I want to get out and open my own office, I have to develop multiple people. What I enjoy the most is developing other people. At first, I thought the best thing ever was to have a thousand dollar check. When you see someone else that you develop make their first thousand dollar check, it’s a better feeling.

About These Sky Inc Nashville Reviews

The management and administration of Sky, Inc. Nashville feels the same way as our employees. Not only does our culture provide a coach/student environment that allows people to progress quickly within our company, but it also allows people to draw upon the experience of others in the areas that they are lacking. By having mentors with the experience needed to overcome obstacles, many of our employees are able to shorten the learning curve by several months.

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